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Dāvis Jurka won award at Zelta Mikrofons!

march 24, 2018

With album ¨Strings attached¨ Jurka Quartet won 2017 Latvian Music Record Award "Zelta Mikrofons" in the category "Best Jazz Music Album".

Latvian Radio Big Band musician and jazz saxophonist Dāvis Jurka together with his friends created a concert program called "Strings attached" featuring Dāvis himself and quartet participant, pianist Ritvars Garoza. The program was originally composed and arranged specially for jazz quartet and string group, CD was released at the beginning of 2017. 

Quoting quartet leader Dāvis Jurka: "It´s been a long, a bit eccentric and carefully crafted project. In May 2015, we took part in the first concert of the project at the Stradins University Hall. Receiving from the audience great encouragement and inspiration to develop it, which proved that this program is sustainable and interesting for a very wide audience, me (or we) together with pianist and a great composer Ritvars Garoza worked hard on this program. 

Along with the jazz quartet, there is also a string group, which created the name of the program - "strings attached" or "added strings". It is a fresh aspect of the colourfulness of the sound, and an enriching element of musical material and may not be so ordinary in jazz music in Latvia, " 

We sincerely welcome these amazing successes!