Latvijas Radio bigbends

Richard Bona ft. Latvian Radio Bigband

may 11, 2018

In Latvia's Centenary, Latvian Radio Big Band and Richard Bona will open festival “Rīgas Ritmi 2018” with unique concert.

Grammy Awards winner Richard Bona for the first time will perform with Latvian Radio Big Band, which has returned from the tour in USA most prominent concert halls. The program “African Tales” will present Richard’s compositions whose arrangement author is renowned Vince Mendoza. As a special guest is invited amazing percussionist Francois Archanjo.

Fans call him “The African Sting,” critics call him a pro, but it’s his unique and electrifying style of connecting with his audience that titles him what he really is — a true musician. Richard Bona’s seemingly effortless voice, including singing in the dialect of Douala, of fierce skills on the bass, unique songwriting/arranging expertise and ability to learn just about any instrument simply from watching, position him as a rare African artist to have established an unscalable reputation on an international platform.

“Imagine an artist with Jaco Pastorious’s virtuosity, George Benson’s vocal fluidity, Joao Gilberto’s sense of song and harmony, all mixed up with African culture. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Richard Bona!” – Los Angeles Times

Bona was honoured by the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal with the Antonio Carlos Jobim Award; as one of seven recipients, he is distinguished as an artist in the field of world music whose influence on the evolution of jazz is widely recognized.