Latvijas Radio bigbends


Paris 19 - 29

Pierre Bertrand has created a programme of his original music exclusively for the Latvian Radio Big Band: a selection with an atmosphere that will transport the audience to the narrow streets of Montmartre and offer a taste of bohemia.

The Roaring 20s of the last century came with a lot of innovation, including jazz, radio, and
cinema. Paris symbolizes the renaissance of the quarter of Montparnasse where joy and
abundance was put on the pedestal of life. It’s the age of Josephine Baker, Art Deco, and Coco Chanel. The 20s and 30s were a time in Riga when all seemed possible, the little Paris is right here in the heart of Latvia, and the passions of bohemia are just as high here. The charm of Paris was mainly tied to the choice of names that were like a line to France. As inspiration, Pierre chooses famous painters from the 20th century. Mostly looking up to 5 paintings – Le reve (Pablo Picasso), Tour Eiffel (Robert Delaunay), Courbe Dominante (Vassily Kandinsky), Les Amourex (Marc Chagall), Catalan Landscape (Joan Miro).

Pierre Bertrand is a saxophonist, flutist, a teacher of composition, and his works include
numerous compositions and arrangements for different ensembles, as well as scores for films
and stage productions. The album JOY, his most recent creation, was released under the
prestigious Cristal Records label, which is a part of Sony Music. It won the highest prize in the country - Victoire du Jazz in the nomination Album of the Year in 2017. Bertrand has earned this prize previously with the Paris Jazz Big Band - Victoire du Jazz: prix Franck Ténot and Django d’Or. The soloist of the new project is the young and striking French singer Paloma Pradal.



3. October, 20:30