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Matīss Čudars

A graduate of Amsterdam Conservatory, he’s currently active in the European jazz and improvised music scene, frequently visible with his solo guitar program and bands. Matīss is a Grand Prix winner of Prinses Christina Concours 2010, Keep An Eye Jazz Award 2012 and Burghausen Jazz Award 2013, Keep An Eye The Records 2017. In 2015 Matīss was invited as a guest guitar teacher at the Amsterdam Conservatory. in 2018 he has been nominated for the Grand Music Award - the highest form of state recognition in the field of music in Latvia. In 2019 he received Zelta Mikrofons. The music he plays encompasses a variety of different music genres - strong investment in the jazz improvisation, folk music integrity, indie rock energy, and classical music harmony. Musicians characterize his music as emotionally touching, interactive, melodic contemporary jazz.